Wednesday, November 2, 2011

white outlined flowers

This color is coming out so much more blue than it really is! Its a dark kind of electric purple. This is my first nail polish from this brand and I was so excited when I saw. The application wasnt that best though- the first coat was horrible it was streaky and dried a little bit so it got really blotchy, the second coat I put on thicker than I normally would and didnt even it out as much so then I got that, it also dries matte. But im happy with the look once I put the top coat on it! I used a stripe Rite to do the flower and the purple is Funky Fingers- riot. The middle dot is Revlon top speed- lily mixed with some of the Funky Fingers color. I hope you all are having a great week so far! Thanks for reading(: 


  1. I hate when purples come out looking blue but I guess it's pretty normal, your flowers came out really cute!

  2. Its so hard to capture the true color of a purple but I love the dark purple contrasting with the white! Cute!!

  3. I wish purples and blues with photograph better-but this color is stunning!!! I also am loving your flower design. Very nice!

  4. this is sooo pretty! i'm a new follower & i love your blog! you have some great designs! i would love it if you would follow my blog aswell! : )


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