Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fading with a firework!

My 4th of July nails!! I faded red to blue to white with a lot of glitter and a firework in the corner of my nail. I used NK- really white and then I faded China Glaze- ruby deer and Claires- true blue. once that was dry I put Elf- cranberry which is a really pretty red with glitter in it, over the red to fade it better and I did they same with blue but I used Pure Ice- strapless and for the white I use silver glitter which was an Art Deco. The red still wasnt fading as well as I wanted to so I faded it better with a red glitter Art Deco. For the firework I used a white Stripe Rite and I put silver glitter in the middle. I hope you have a great 4th of July and see a lot of pretty fireworks!


  1. That is awesome, those colours work really well together!

  2. Great 4th of July mani!!!
    I think I should do one myself in the honor of my American followers...

  3. very nice!
    i love your creativity & especially love all your animal print manis(:

    following -
    <3 BB

  4. Very pretty love. :) I love fireworks.

  5. Yasmin~ thank you!

    Leanne~ thanks! it was actually hard to blend since they arent in the same color family like I normally blend!(:

    Cristina~ Thanks! lol you should I would like to see what you come up with!

    BeautyBehaved~ thanks so much!:) thank you soooo much for following it means so much to me!<3

    frugalspender19~ thank you!:) me too

  6. wow thats amazing. happy fourth of july :-)


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