Thursday, August 12, 2010

Essence stampy set

This is the Essence nail art stampy set. It comes with a stamper, scraper and an image plate. I dont think you can buy any other image plates like the Konad stamping. I dont have the Konad stamping stuff and dont plan on getting it because I know I wont use it because I dont us this except on my toes. Another thing that is different about the Essence stamper and the Konda is that Konad has there spacial polish (I think its thicker than regular nail polish) and with the Essence one you can use any nail polish. You do have to work quick with this so before you start practice a couple of times. With this is you mess up you could just take your other nail and scrap it off witch is a good and bad thing I guess. Sometimes the image you are putting on your nails doesnt go on your nail or the stamper all the way so you have to start over. I got this at Ulta for about $3.00 I think that a good deal! lol hope this helps   

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